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5 October 2024

9.30 am - 4.30 pm


Calling all art enthusiasts and budding creatives!


Join me for a one day workshop where we'll dive into playful and experimental techniques for approaching sketchbooks and artist journals. 


Immerse yourself in a day filled with creativity and inspiration!


We'll be exploring:

* Lots of experimental mixed media techniques to use in the pages of your sketchbook

* How to embrace 'mistakes' and let go of perfection

* How to use your sketchbook or journal as a place to generate ideas for other work

* A range of short exercises for warming up the creative part of you

* How to hush the inner critic and make your sketchbook a safe and inviting space for creative play



* A new sketchbook/art journal for you to start working in

* All materials

* A list of journal prompts

* Morning tea and lunch 


Location: 21 Athelstan Road, Cottesloe.

The Wonderful World of Sketchbooks and Journals!

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