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About Michelle Fleur


I am an artist and maker residing in the beautiful coastal city of Perth, Western Australia. My work is deeply inspired by my time spent snorkelling at our local beach and in other places around Australia. I am constantly amazed at the world beneath the waves, the colours and textures of the reef and the creatures that reside in the saltwater realm.  Broadly speaking, my creative practice explores the human relationship to complex systems that exist in the natural world.  By exploring the colourful connections between humanity and wild places, with particular emphasis on the sea, I celebrate the wonder of nature with a vibrant devotion to its mysteries.

I teach workshops in contemporary watercolour and am available for both private or group tuition. I am also open to commissions. Please get in touch via the box below or email me at for enquiries. 

Let's work together -commissions welcome!

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Email:                                   Phone:  0414772204 

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