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Here we go again...

I turn 40 in about a week's time - 40! Oh my lawdy, lawd, lawd, waaaah! It feels momentous and far more significant an age than any that has come before. This feeling of importance is completely arbitrary of course, but I never 'imagined' 40, I never thought about what it would be like to be this age when I was young. I probably didn't think I would even make it this far! I certainly thought that 40 was super old. Haha, how time has a way of changing our minds! Anyway, I feel that with this turn of life's seasons it is time for me to start some things new. And one of those is to get back into the simple art of blogging (yeah, my mid life crisis is running WILD I tell ya!). I used to love blogging. I kept a blog for several years which I used as a visual diary of sorts whilst I was at art school, and prior to that I blogged about my little creative ventures and my everyday life. Alas, I deleted those blogs a while ago (I'm kinda annoyed at myself for that!), but the old blogging itch has struck again!

Whilst social media has provided a substitute for the 'blog' in recent years, it hasn't sufficiently taken its place. People like their social media posts brief and to the point (generally speaking) and unless you're the next Hemingway, or very deft with words, it can be disappointing to spill your thoughts with your 'friends' and find out that nobody really cares about the longwinded ruminations of your heart and soul! Blogging allows one the freedom to share without expectation, and so here I am, full of words and thoughts and ready to spill them out into the vast, echoing halls of the world wide web.

So, this will be a place to share a little more of my process, and a little more of my inner and outer world. I don't think I can be bothered to curate it too well, or keep it neat and without holes and a bit of grime. But I loathe flashy, perfect places and work best in a comfortable tangled nest of complex human emotions and creative impulses. It's my jam man! Haha. I hope you'll pop in and join me from time to time.

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