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Frenzied flow and sketchbook adventures...

Holy calamity, it's been a whirlwind of a creative time over here! There never seems to be a rhyme or a reason for intense and frenzied making - it just kind of sneaks up on you and before you know it you've spent a week inside throwing pigment and pens around, dropping ink and scratching with stubby pencils. Any excuse not to leave the house is legitimised swiftly as you try and cram every waking moment with art making. It's furious and frenetic and oh so much fun! I LOVE being in these kinds of deep flow states - it's so life affirming for me to be swimming in a sea of materials, colour and mark making. So, yes, it's been a jolly old time over here of late.

This sudden burst of creative energy seemed to arrive after I bought a big new sketchbook to work in. I approached this one as a place for experimenting, absolutely no rules and no themes - just a book to throw down whatever I like. Gees, it's worked a treat for opening me up to new ways of making and playing with media. I've been inspired to acquire a whole bunch of new materials and now I'm working with acrylic gouache, oil pastels, soft pastels and even coloured pencils. I bought my first set of prismacolours and have loved using them to do quick studies. This sketchbook will be my main focus of creative output the next few weeks as I've dedicated this month to some deep experimentation and we'll be travelling in the latter half of July so I'll bring it with me to play in on our adventures.

All this sketchbook play has reminded me of what a useful tool an art journal is. I've always journalled in some capacity - either in a physical book, or online, and I've kept a book for jotting down arty ideas ever since I started making things. But I haven't kept an actual sketchbook for quite a while and it's nice to be back at it. I'm thinking that I'll create a sketchbook/art journalling course when I start offering workshops at home. I have so many ideas and techniques that I've picked up over the years that I really should compile and start sharing!

In other news my house has finally been painted and I am just about ready to start a few workshops and classes - yippeeeeeee!!!!! They'll be small and intimate and full of fun and juicy creating and I cannot wait to get them rolling. First, I have a trip to the east coast to see family, then I'll be spending August getting organised for an open studio I want to hold in September and then I'll start offering a few fun workshops. I was thinking of starting with 'Watercolour Whales' in September as a way of celebrating the humpback migration. Who's in?

Anyway, more on all of that very soon! Eeeep! Stay groovy, friends. :)

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Would love to come to your open studio and a workshop!

Replying to

I would love that too! 😀

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