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Riding the Wave

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It’s February and I find myself slipping back into the rhythm of a creative cycle. The festive season was long in our house, and I feel as though my New Year in the studio has only just begun. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly shaking off the frivolity and leaning into the discipline required for an earnest creative practice. The thing is though, we have plans to move a bit later in the year, and I feel as though I’m lingering in an in-between timezone. It’s hard to settle down and get comfortable when I’m itching to start fresh. But such is life that it demands one be patient and remain rooted firmly in the present.

So, here I am, dreaming of the possibilities of life in a new place, whilst attempting to appreciate the wonders of the life I am already living! On the flip side, it is really nice to be making plans again and to anticipate them actually happening! It finally feels like the pandemic limbo dust is clearing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past two years and how it’s impacted our lives. There have been frustrations and disappointment, but there’s also been some good to come out of it. I see a lot more of my partner as he’s been working from home since the pandemic started, and it turns out that after 28 years, we still really like each others company – what a relief! I’ve slowed my roll considerably and I’ve integrated practices such as daily yoga and mindfulness into my life, which has in turn relieved many of my previous anxieties. In fact, as the whole world was forced to slow down I felt this kind of spaciousness enter my life. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s been transformative and I plan on keeping this beautiful, open awareness in my life, in spite of whether the rest of humanity starts speeding up again.

Anyway, back to the here and now….

In the studio I have been drawing with pen and ink and it’s been such a beautiful way to while away the hours. Mostly I am drawing little dream visions that enter my mind as I go about my life. I’ve taken to scribbling down ideas on random scraps of paper as they arise. The lovely thing is that one drawing seems to lead to the next and that kind of flow cannot be bought or taught – you just gotta ride that smooth wave when it comes along. Eventually it crashes and you paddle (or tinker!) until another wave lifts you up and off you go again….. Huh, I really like this metaphor!

At any rate I’m in a nice zone now and that’s all I can ask for. I should be mindful to cherish these days.

Bless. xo

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