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Winter musings in the art studio...

Friends, it's June and that means the year is almost half way through! Wait, what? For me, the first half of 2024 has been a bit of a whirlwind! I set a goal to be in 3 exhibitions this year and I've smashed my goal already, so on taking stock I'm really pleased with my creative efforts thus far this year. A body of work is emerging in the studio as is a lot of experimental work across many disciplines - printmaking, oil painting, mixed media, etc. I've really hunkered down and focussed on my work, moving away from purely illustrative works and taking tentative steps back into fine art. Of course there have been rejections, but I expected them and they haven't stung one bit. I'm growing in confidence and it feels good.

Initially I had planned to try and arrange a solo show this year, but at this point I'm so 'in' the process and have a lot of ideas I still want to explore. Mostly, I just don't feel ready yet and if I invest in a solo show I really want my work to stand up as a cohesive, well considered body of work. However, I do plan on having an open studio before the end of the year and I'll definitely be showing my new works then. Some of them have been out in the world already at various art prizes and it's been such a treat to have them leave the studio and be in front of eyeballs!

Speaking of exhibiting, here are a few things I have going on right now:

  • I have a framed etching in the Lawley Art Auction coming up on Saturday June 15. The auction is a fundraising event for arts programs at Mount Lawley Senior High School.

In the studio I've been experimenting a lot, playing in sketchbooks and trying new techniques. I've pulled out the oil paints and have a few pieces on the go for when I feel like switching things up a bit. I find it difficult to concentrate on one project for extended periods of time so I move between different methods of making constantly. This actually makes for a really dynamic practice and I'm never bored. As the cooler months set in I'm finding myself being drawn to subjects other than the underwater world and I'm painting more landscapes and land based critters. I'm dipping back into illustrative work when the mood takes me and I've also crafted a whole stack of small trinket dishes illustrated with cats and whales, of course! So, it's all happening and I haven't even told you about my adventures in printmaking - maybe I'll make an extra post for that soon.

Our house is currently being painted inside and out so I'm confined to the living room for the next couple of weeks and I plan on finishing off a few pieces that I started in summer, including a big piece inspired by the underwater realm at Salmon Bay on Rottnest Island. Some of these pieces have been in the works for over 9 months and I'm really keen to have them done so that I can move on to other ideas. It's important for me to finish works as I've learnt that leaps and bounds can be made in a single session and it's just too easy to get into a cycle of not finishing things. Plus, I really don't like having too many half-done pieces lying around - it makes the studio too chaotic!

So that's my little update for the start of winter. In a future post I plan on collating some links to artists and books and things that are deeply inspiring me at the moment - a kind of digital mood board if you like! So hopefully I'll get to that very soon. Till then, take it easy!

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