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Yipeeeee it's 2023! Happy New Year!

It's 2023. Yep, we've slipped through the portal of time into a brand new year! I don't rightly know how I feel about it - I'm not sad to leave 2022 behind, but I'm cautious about investing too much promise in the next 12 months. Maybe we've all become a little cautious over the past few years? In any case, here we are and we'll inevitably continue to be pushed forward into the future whether we like it or not! I plan on stretching out slowly into 2023. I'm in no hurry to do anything or be anywhere other than where I am. We've got a few renovations booked in for our home, plans to construct a home studio and I've some workshops I'd like to start offering as soon as I can, but it's all groovy and I don't feel harried about life or our plans.

I've started off 2023 with lots of beach time. In fact, I think I've been every day since the new year began! Isn't that something? The whole reason for our move to Perth was so that we can live by the sea and I'm happy to say that it's as lovely as I hoped it would be. The ocean here is all kinds of magical. On the very best of days the water is crystal clear and so incredibly refreshing. And thankfully days like that are not at all uncommon - we've had so many beautiful beach days over these summer months. I've been snorkelling out over the little reef and grass beds here a lot, familiarising myself with new fishy friends. We visit a sleepy octopus in its lair on the regular and we know where a heap of big morwongs like to hang out. I love it so much - my heart is filling with all the wonder of life under the sea once again. I feel inspired in a way I haven't felt in so very long!

So, yes, it is a happy new year indeed and I'm just going to flow with this vibe and see where it takes me. Here we goooo.....!!!

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