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Minjerribah Holiday Journal

Following from my previous blog post, here is my Minjerribah Holiday Journal in full. I used a small accordion journal, specifically a Moleskine Japanese Album. I highly recommend these journals for pen and ink work as the paper is lovely to draw on and the perfect thickness. I also love the moleskine watercolour journals - they are so beautiful in their simplicity and the paper is high quality. I used to use them exclusively but discovered the Winsor and Newton watercolour journals a couple of years ago and now I use them both.

When I started this journal I wasn't sure what I was going to fill it with - wide landscape sketches, or lots of small doodles, musings or swiftly crafted poems? On our first afternoon on Straddie we saw a koala, turtles and a school of manta rays so it became apparent pretty quickly that wildlife was going to dominate. I spent a couple of hours drawing every day during the week we were on holiday and that was sufficient to fill the whole book minus a few pages (I tore out the extra pages). This little journal is the best souvenir of our lovely Spring holiday on Minjerribah and I will treasure it dearly. I've a nice pile of travel journals from trips we have made over the years and I love looking back through them and remembering our adventures.

I hope you enjoy!

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