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The Long Weekend...

Sometimes the only thing to do is to head in the direction of the mountains, or the sea - whichever tugs harder on your heart at the start of any given day. This weekend we felt called to visit both the mountains and the sea, so we heeded the calls of the sprites and sirens and forgot about suburban life for a while. These days amongst the trees, the waterfalls and waves were like a balm for my soul and once again nature filled my cup with all her wonder.

On Saturday we took a drive out to the bay and ended up at Wellington Point. It was low tide and the weather was mild so we walked across the sand bar to King Island for the first time. It was longer than it looked and we took in a lot of sun, but on the walk back I waded in the shallows and my whole body felt cooled and soothed by the soft salty water. Whilst paddling in the sea we spent a long while cloud gazing at the fluffy formations above the bay. The sky was that perfect, crisp gradient of blues that make you say "what a beautiful day" several times in a row.

On Sunday we headed up to Main Range, one of our favourite drives west of Brisbane. Waterfall Way takes you up and over lush dairy pastures and into a World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest which boasts some magnificent waterfalls, of which the crowning glory is Queen Mary Falls. We walked to the base of the falls where we were washed with its fierce mist which proved a refreshing motivator for the return trip to the top of the gorge. All along the path to the falls newly formed fern leaves shone in the sunlight in vibrant shades of ochre, red and green. They looked so beautiful amidst the moss and dark earth of the forest floor. We breathed in the fresh, clean air of the mountains and revelled in the beauty of such a glorious Spring day. The earth felt alive and abundant.

Monday was a public holiday and we weren't done with our immersion into nature yet! We got up early to beat the traffic and cruised down the M1 towards the Gold Coast, ending up at Duranbah where gusty winds made for bad surf. Fortunately though, just over the breakwater, in the mouth of the Tweed River is a little beach called Mini D'Bah and because of the rock wall it was sheltered from the winds. The tiny beach was busy with swimmers and we weaved between them to swim out over the rocks where we snorkelled with a variety of fish. The visibility was great and I was impressed with how many fish there were so close to a busy beach. This was really a bonus for me as I'd just expected to tag along on my partner's surfing trip. I'm happy to have found a spot where we can snorkel safely off the beach at the Gold Coast. We've been looking for a spot for ages and stumbling over it by accident makes it even better!

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