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Winter Days...

Winter in Queensland is always rather lovely.🌞 The subtropics are good like that. Usually the weather is mild, with warm sunshiny days and maybe a few chilly nights just to remind you that you are in the midst of the coolest season. This winter has been no exception and I have really enjoyed the clear skies and comfortable weather. I've been in the garden a lot and it's starting to feel like it's heading in the direction I want it to grow. I've struggled with the garden at this house but after years of experimentation I have a tentative  grasp on what works. I love my garden and during this time of Covid confinement it's been my place of refuge. 

Regarding Covid, things in Queensland have been going well thus far. We haven't had a new case in many weeks and restrictions have been rolled back so that we can go to restaurants again and travel within our own state. Truthfully, things feel fairly normal here and they would be if it wasn't for the news, my partner working from home, and the Covid signs directing us to social distance everywhere. We are so fortunate, but we have prepared ourselves for many eventualities - you just never know when this thing could take a hold. I am so grateful for our home and my studio - being forced to spend so much time here this year has been great for my creative output. I haven't felt so productive in a long, long while.

We have been travelling when we can, doing lots of weekend day trips and getting out into the world. What a balm for the soul a day in the mountains, or by the sea, can be! It sure does feel like a real treat in these times to get out of our suburb. A few weeks ago we drove up the winding hills of the Gold Coast Hinterland to O'Reilly's and immersed ourselves in the splendour of the rainforest. It had been quite a while since our last outing here and the forest felt so magical. I was completely enchanted by the tangled mess of trees and leaves. I have a theory that the colour green in nature has healing qualities that just kind of vibe out and into you, know what I mean? Haha! In any case, I swear that day in the forest lifted my whole disposition for many days after. I mean, look at this beauty...

Aaaah, how beautiful! 😊🍄🌿  

More recently we took a week long road trip in the van to visit my Grandma in Kingaroy and family in Bundaberg. It felt like more of an adventure than it usually does, probably because we appreciated being able to travel freely for the first time in many months! We did a sneaky trip over to K'gari (Fraser Island) on our way home and had two wonderful days of island goodness. It had been 20 years since our last visit to K'gari and I really hope it doesn't take us another 20 years to get back there because it was stunningly beautiful and wild. 

I'm currently working on a piece inspired by one of our experiences on the island. There's a story to go with it but that can wait for another time.

Right now though I'm taking my foot off the art-hustling pedal and sinking into some personal work. I have done a lot of admin stuff and restocking of the store lately and I think I'm fairly set in that regard for the rest of the year. Now I am going to take a deep dive into my creative process and see where it leads me. I have oil paintings to finish and drawings to expand upon so there is plenty to keep me busy. I want to detach from social media and the news for a bit and delve into a world of my own making. I might pop in here along the way and share my journey if I can pull myself out of the rabbit hole!

Until next time! 💕💕💕 

P.S. Frankie says hi!

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