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Augusta Humpies!


On June 4 I celebrated my 40th birthday the best way I know how - on the water with a bunch of big, beautiful, rambunctious humpback whales! Truly, I could not think of a more perfect way for me to spend the day. We saw so many whales that I lost count and there was much activity on the water as groups of males tousled and fought for female attention. We saw some epic battles, with slaps and shoves and loud vocalisations. I'd never seen this kind of behaviour before on a whale watching trip so I was pretty excited - you could feel the energy coming from the whales!

It was everything I could have hoped for and I so enjoyed our time out on the water with these majestic creatures. I've been blessed to go on some wonderful whale watching expeditions already in 2017, starting with the blue whales in Sri Lanka and then the pygmy blues in the Perth Canyon. Can I just say how absolutely grateful I feel for these epic experiences! This passion for whales keeps growing inside of me - they are endlessly fascinating and though I loathe the rolling, nausea-inducing motions that get me out to see them, I'll endure them for just a glimpse into the world of these real life giants of the deep:

It wasn't just the whales that made my birthday so wonderful. My beloved and I went for an extra long weekend trip exploring the south west corner of this ancient land. Oh how I love it here! Turquoise waters, red boulders, powdery white sand and tall proud forests cover the landscape in magic. I love exploring here, scrambling over rocks and walking along coastal cliffs, dipping my feet in freezing southern waters and searching for interesting flotsam and jetsam washed up from the depths of the sea. I wish I could give everybody a small taste of this place so that they could feel the freedom and peace it brings to one's soul. I can't do that, but I hope these images will suffice:

And here's a video so you can share in my Whaley excitement!

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