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A Love Letter to the Indian Ocean.

Today I am missing the Indian ocean. My heart feels a longing for the vast expanse of shimmery blue. I want to walk outside and put my feet in soft sand, breathe in the scent of salt and decay, and let my mind wander anyplace it wishes to go. I miss walking through mazes of seaweed strewn with urchin bodies, abalone shells and other treasures washed up from the deep. I miss falling into turquoise crystal waters on hot still days and feeling the sharp coolness wash through to my bones. I miss putting on my goggles and diving down between rock walls to visit batfish and morwongs. I miss seeing octopus eyeballing me from cracks in the limestone sea floor. Aaah, yes, today I feel homesick for a place I called home for only a short time. But there it is, the heart wants what the heart wants, and today it wants to be wrapped in the crisp, salty hugs of that cold, clear sea.

West Coast, I miss you.

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