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April Showers bring May Flowers

April, thus far, has been a wholly whimsical month in my neck of the woods. Rainy days have dominated and many mornings I have woken to the hills covered in mist and fog, their bumpy silhouettes rising like lavender-grey monoliths from the wet earth. In weather like this I can't help but open myself up to the mysteries of life, let my mind wander into the dark corners of the abyss and adventure into the rabbit holes that emerge on long thought trails. I have spent countless hours in contemplation and reverie with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. Creative time spent alone always takes me into the void and back again, sometimes repeatedly for hours on end. This time spent inside my mind is valuable and I am thankful for these moments.

However, too much time spent in one's own head could lead to madness without the balance of time spent in the world, observing and existing in the wondrous chaos of life. Outside the studio I experiment with the elements in my garden, visit antique stores and spend far too many hours watching Netflix. It is my desire to cut down on screen time and spend more moments with my head in books. But I am weak of will when it comes to fixing old, bad habits.

All in all, April has been a good solid month of making, musing and mucking about and I don't think one could really ask for much more than that? I have enjoyed these autumnal days greatly. Tomorrow we say hello to May and that takes me one step closer to a grand adventure that I will share with much anticipation and excitement very soon!

Happy days salty friends!

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