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Setting Sail...Soon!

Oh, look, it's been over a month since I wrote in this dear blog of mine. I keep thinking to do it but life has been hectic of late and well, you know how it is, time just slips away. So today I am popping in to record a little update so that I can look back in years to come and smile at having got to the other side of this awkward life moment. We've only two weeks to go until we jump on a plane and start our lives as West Australians and I am so, so ready for it! The past several months I've been anxious, stressed, frazzled, and a little unhinged, but this past week the winds of change reminded me that it's almost time for them to take me away, and my heart started to shed the weight of worry. I am feeling optimistic and I like it! This morning I woke up feeling positive, lighthearted and excited. I made a playlist of some of my favourite songs, danced around the chaotic living room, put on several loads of washing, pottered around sorting out little corners of stuff I've been avoiding, and all the while I felt something of a sense of promise and anticipation. We are nearing the moment we have been waiting for for over 5 years now! Soon we will be back on the west coast settling into life in Perth.

For the past several weeks we have been organising, cleaning, sorting, packing and just generally trying to get our shiz together. I often think to myself "when did life get so complicated?" and then I remind myself that we are in a period of transition and this isn't how things normally are. I have made a pact to work on simplifying our lives as much as we can once we are settled. We have downsized our belongings by about half over the past few months and I've realised that I feel so much lighter and freer having rid ourselves of excess stuff. I have so many beautiful things - artworks, odd vintage items and antiques, beautiful textiles and ceramics - and it was difficult to cull, but I did it and I haven't yet missed a single thing that I let go of. In fact, I keep thinking that I need to let go of more!

In regards to art, there is very little making going on around here, but I draw a little every day just to keep me sane. I also weave baskets at night - something about the repetition grounds me. I guess these little creative acts make me feel as though I'm still being productive amongst the messiness of moving and I'm so very grateful for these skills.

All in all this is a weird old time, but I'm feeling buoyed and bright today. I just can't wait to start rebuilding life near the Indian Ocean and devouring those gorgeous sunsets! See you soon WA!

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