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Whoop di doo, it's 2022!

Holy goddess, can you believe we've passed through the passage of time into a brand new year? I'm still grappling with it, for real! I don't even know what happened in 2021, apart from pandemic purgatory and a whole lot of faffing about. I mean, I did enjoy all my faffing but it didn't really result in much. Or wait, maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I *did* learn a lot about ceramics over the course of the year - going from a complete novice to someone who can make their own crockery! Haha! Look, there's ways to go on my ceramic journey, but I am pretty pleased about what I learnt from all my clay play last year.

So, what else? Hrmmmm.... I slowly took my foot off the accelerator in terms of illustrative works and at the end of last year I realised that I had created a new groove in the studio - one that was far more cruisey, quiet and calm. I've been enjoying a low key vibe and subsequently have found myself in some nice creative flows. I feel more at ease with my work and with myself in general actually. Furthermore, I have deviated from the world of watercolour whales and have started experimenting with other forms of making - specifically oil painting, and of course, ceramics. The oil painting has been a challenge, but I am determined to improve. A few days ago, when I picked up the brushes for the first time this year, I felt a lot more adept at handling the thick, sticky pigments. This is a win and I feel like my body is remembering how to paint on canvas.

Right now I'm in the midst of finishing off a collection of canvasses that have sat at various stages of completion in my storeroom for far too long. Some have been in there for well over 12 months. I'm using these canvasses as an opportunity to improve my oil painting skills and stretch my imagination a little. Lately I've felt drawn to symbolism and surrealism and this kind of fantastical, uncanny dream-world is forming in my thoughts. I'm still working out how to translate these whimsies onto canvas but working that out is the process I suppose. At any rate, I'm deeply engaged in the work.

Oh look, here's what Frankie thinks about it being a new year.....

Haha! I swear that cat sleeps 95% of its life away! He does seem to enjoy it, so I leave him to it, except for the numerous belly rubs he magnetically attracts throughout the day. I mean, look at the flooffy belly will ya! It's just made for getting all scrumpalicious with!

So, yes, it is a brand new year and I'm heading in a brand new direction and it feels so damn good. Who knows what 2022 has in store? So far it's more pandemic pain which means a lot more time at home and in the studio. I have few expectations, except to indulge in my art, stretch, garden, and practice recognising the beauty and profundity of each moment. Bring it on!

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