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The Month of May

Oh what beautiful days these have been! May has been a glorious month of mild weather and sunshine. The world around here looks green and lush and sparkling and I've been milking every day of its loveliness. When it is time to go to bed I regret that each day is over because I've been enjoying the flow of each golden day. I've been strolling through gardens, weaving baskets, digging in the earth, pottering in domesticity, antiquing, and weekend adventuring. What could be lovelier?

My social media break has been an elixir. My mind feels refreshed and cleared of all of the detritus that living in a screen based world dumps on one's psyche. I have resolved to greatly minimise my use of instagram as a preventative measure to scrolling addiction - it is a real thing! In saying that, the bigger issue for me is the feeling that to be relevant I must always be producing work and sharing it on the app. I have realised that this has stifled my creativity drastically and I want to see what happens when I take a step back. I have been concerned with spreading a message through my work for so long and now I need to retreat from that, let go of the message, and just exist in the work for a while.

So, it is almost June, my month of birth, and time to descend into the darkness of winter. Subtropical winters are mild and altogether dreamy. I love walking in the sunshine on these shorter days and letting time just tick tock over me without care for filling the hours with productivity. At the end of June I am taking flight and going on an adventure to the homeland of my ancestors - Scotland! I am keen as mustard to step foot on, and connect with, that beautiful land.

In the meantime I plan on doing more of the same things I've been doing for the month of May. I can see that 2019 will go down as a year of hazy homeliness. My roots are digging down into domestic suburban life and I like it far more than I imagined I could. When I let go of clinging to ideas of what I thought I wanted, I saw that what I have is more than enough to sustain a life of beauty and love. It is all here, all now.

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