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It's been three months since my last blog post. We were in the final days of winter then and now Spring has almost come to an end. Oh how time flies! I'd use the excuse of being busy, but I haven't been busy at all. The past few months have been rather restorative in regards to finding a new rhythm within my everyday life. I garden, I make and sometimes I venture out into the world to see other humans. That's it - I've been keeping things rather simple! Creatively I've been dipping my hands into many different jars - weaving, sewing, painting, journalling, pottery, and even a bit of macrame! It's been a wonderfully rich time.

However, just last week my beautiful bubble of domestic and creative bliss was shattered with the loss of my darling old kitty, Venus. The grief I have felt in losing her has been overwhelming at times. She was very old and we had a long time to get used to the idea of losing her but nothing ever prepares us for the loss associated with death. She was my companion for 19 years and was with me through some of the most difficult days of my life thus far. I miss her dearly and deeply. The house feels empty without her around and I mourn the comfort that her existence brought to my life. Rest in peace my dearest sweet girl. I love you.

Life goes on and so must I, and there is plenty to keep me occupied right now. Renovations are about to start on our bathrooms which have been slowly falling apart over the years we've lived here. Christmas is just around the corner and summer is nearly upon us which means plenty of weekend adventures in the van are coming up! In regards to my work I have a lot of planning to do. I gave myself this year to slow down and dabble as much as my heart desired. In some ways I feel I've slowed down far too much, but perhaps I needed to. Next year is going to be about consolidating my practice and I will be delving into a number of fresh projects. I will be expanding my illustration portfolio to include things other than marine life whilst attempting to communicate a more coherent message throughout my work - one which speaks to the importance of humans living harmoniously with the earth. It is the message of our times!

So, this is where I'm at for now - looking a little forward, looking a little back, and planning for tomorrow. It's a part of the process, a part of the jive we must do if we are to keep forging ahead in our pursuits. Let's do it!!!

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