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A little life update...

Well, here I am, typing out a blog post at my dining room table in the sunroom of my new home on the West coast! Yippeee! Woah, what a mammoth few months it has been! From April, when we listed our Brisbane home for sale, until now, has felt like a lifetime and also like no time at all. Time has stretched and bowed and warped back in on itself and all of a sudden I find myself in this very moment ruminating on what brought me here. We've had periods of busyness and also long periods of waiting for something to happen. It feels like we kinda just teleported here and that the past few months are some amorphous, fleeting blur, but the truth is that what brought us here has been a series of small decisions and corresponding actions. Oh, and a bit of luck. It's really that simple.

Let's not forget that in that time we took a quick trip to Paris and lapped up some lovely European summer vibes. It felt like the most glorious trip I've ever taken - I can't tell you how much I loved soaking in the art, the cafes, the history and the hum of Parisian city life for a while. It felt decadent and magical in a way that only years of pandemic purgatory can make you realise.

In other news, as I type, a couple of workers from our insurance company are here to fix up flood damage from a burst water main that exploded on Monday morning. Water flowed into our yard and creeped inside the house - enough to dampen our walls and require the removal of skirting boards and carpet. Currently we have dehumidifiers in the house that have to run non-stop and well, geez, I did not imagine that this would occur only two weeks after moving in! Actually, I didn't imagine that this would happen at all! Look, it's fine, and it could have been a lot worse if we weren't home to keep the water somewhat at bay, but it is an inconvenience that I am finding a little bit irritating. I really felt like we were just starting to settle into a routine of sorts. Maybe that will finally happen next week! What's another week of chaos, right? Haha.

Truly though, I am happy to be here in my new home in the west, anticipating a summer saturated with beach-bliss and coastal cocktails. Oh, and a bit of painting and creativity too! Speaking of creativity, I have yet to even start on putting my studio together. All of our belongings that we tried to save from the flooding are filling that room and well, it's just not a priority right now. I think I'm just going to take the rest of the year off from any serious creative work and get our domestic shiz together so that we can find a wholesome and healthy routine once again. It will come with time and organisation no doubt. But until then I'll just squeeze in some short creative bursts when I can. Hopefully some more blogging too. Yass!

I've lots of ideas for when the studio is finally set up, like workshops and open studios and fun things like wine and watercolour afternoons. I think I am finally ready to share my space and skills with others at this point in my life. Mostly I'm talking about intimate, full day workshops on wonderful things such as watercolours, art journalling and perhaps even a nudibranch making workshop - now wouldn't that be fun! Anyway, such things will have to wait, but that gives me time to plan and fine tune things in the interim. I guess I'll talk more about this in the future as things develop over here.

In the meantime, happy days, friends! Enjoy this sweet transition into summer and all the festivities and madness that it brings. Big love.

Talk soon! xx

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