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Making magic...

This past week in the studio has been brimming with activity. I haven't stopped making and it's been absolutely wonderful! Not everything is great, or even good, but my motivation has been high and I have made some lovely work, including the drawing at the top of this post. There has been plenty of clay work too and I'll be spending much of next week under-glazing the vessels and trinkets I've been sculpting.

I can't say why some weeks it comes easier than others. I guess it's all part of the mystery and magic of art-making sometimes it flows through you, other times..well, not so much. But I do know that you gotta jump on that train while it's moving!

My inspiration has been quite varied lately, however there are motifs that keep popping up in my creations. Whales are always about of course, but mushrooms, celestial bodies, and esoteric symbols have been popping up too and it's like all my interests are finally merging in my creative offerings. Symbiosis. Or something like that. Anyway, I best get back to it - there's a blank sheet of paper on my desk waiting to be filled!

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